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About Canine Massage

Clinical canine massage therapy may help if your dog has an orthopaedic condition such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, or if you see any of the following


  • Lameness or limping

  • Stiffness

  • Difficulty jumping on / off the sofa or in / out of the car

  • Problems getting up / lying down

  • Reluctance to go for a walk

  • Depression

  • Slowing down / ageing overnight

  • Reluctance to be touched / groomed

  • Difficulty settling or restless

  • Character changes

  • Performance issues in sporting or working dogs

  • Postural irregularities

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This strong, non-invasive therapy works by releasing tight sore muscles, removing trigger points (knots) and breaking down restrictive scar tissue all of which can impact on your dog’s daily living.

It provides an effective natural form of pain relief which is especially beneficial to dogs who are intolerant of NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and helps to alleviate both acute and chronic mobility issues.

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Owners typically report the following changes after just 1 – 3 sessions of clinical canine massage

  • Happier dogs with a new lease of life

  • Enjoying walks again

  • Better movement / gait / posture

  • Improved mobility

  • Reduction in lameness

  • Improved temperament

  • Increased performance in sporting dogs

  • Coping better with pain levels

  • Quicker recovery times in post-operative cases




Clinical Canine Massage can benefit dogs of all ages, breeds, backgrounds and activity levels including

  • Agility dogs

  • Flyball dogs

  • Pet dogs 

  • Working dogs

  • Show dogs

  • Obedience dogs

  • Rescue dogs

  • Senior dogs

and can also help the following situations

  • Intermittent lameness

  • Post operative support e.g. for cruciate surgery

  • Pain management for Arthritis

  • Inconclusive X-Rays or MRI's

  • Rehabilitation of soft tissue  or muscular injury

  • Pain based behavior changes

  • Grade 1&2 Luxating Patella

  • Gait or Postural issues

  • Range of movement restrictions

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Results you can see and your dog can feel



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