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My collie Archie had treatment from Rachael for an intermittent limp of his hind leg. Rachael worked calmly and gently on him to warm him up. Then focused on working through his very tight hamstrings and hip flexors. Archie was relaxed throughout his treatment, clearly trusting Rachael, knowing she was helping him. After three sessions, he was running freely again. I unreservedly recommend Kernow K9 Clinical Massage Therapy.

Emma & Archie


We have two dogs, Ellie a 5yr old lab with hip dysplasia and arthritis and Jodi an 11 yr old lab cross who has been struggling to lie down and get up. We decided to give both some massage to try and keep them comfortable and improve their movement. Rachael has been amazing with them both, building their confidence and taking her time to reassure and keep them at ease, particularly with Jodi who can be nervous of new situations. Ellie has had 4 sessions and Jodi 2, both have shown improvement in their movement, particularly Ellie who tends to overcompensate her movement. We are delighted with the improvements shown so far and cannot wait for the next sessions. Rachael is excellent with the dogs and very knowledgeable, we cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lyndsey & Jodi & Ellie

Rachael has been absolutely fantastic with our very arthritic spaniel. After three sessions it has made a huge difference to him. We are looking forward to the next visit already, thank you so much. We highly recommend you.

Amy (RVN) & Harvey

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Gylly 5 (2).jpg

I cannot recommend Rachael’s skills highly enough... Gylly is a 5 year old Lab X Collie, ball obsessed and loves to leap! This jumping and skidding whilst playing, along with a slip on some rocks at the beach, brought on lameness... a very miserable boy and a very sad and guilty feeling owner. After 3 massage sessions with Rachael, Gylly has bounced back and is so happy, as am I! I have learned a valuable lesson in looking after Gylly and will continue with the massage as I would love my best friend to be at his very best physically and to give him a long and healthy life. Thank you so much Rachael

Deborah & Gylly

We do agility with our three dogs and Rachael's treatment is a great help in ensuring they stay in tip top condition. She picks up any early signs of any injury, strains and the like and we prefer to have regular maintenance sessions rather than wait until we notice a problem. 

We can't thank Rachael enough. Fin, our collie, is not a dog that likes to be touched and Rachael was very patient with him and adapted her treatment regime to suit his temperament. Now after a couple of sessions he's much more relaxed and accepting. She has also taken the opportunity to handle our puppy and get him used the process.

Peter & Jennie with Fin, Gwenna and Sonny

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